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“我们没有违法;我们所做的实际上是植根于法律的;采取行动来防止更大的犯罪——采取行动拯救生命是合法的行为。” ——胡达·阿莫里,巴勒斯坦行动

 Earlier this week, rapper Lowkey joined campaigners on the streets of Oldham as they protested at the Elbit Ferranti weapons factory located in the northern English town. While the post-industrial town of 96,000 people might not seem like a likely flashpoint for the Israel-Palestine conflict, many of the weapons used against the civilian



JERUSALEM -- In his comprehensive treatise on the subject of Judaism vs. Zionism, Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro writes, “The Jewish lifestyle is incompatible with the sword.” Violence and war are frowned upon in Judaism, which is one of the reasons that traditional, orthodox Jews by and large distance themselves from, if not completely rejecting, Zionism.


Higdon、Huff 和 MacLeod 在这场自由流动的讨论中谈论审查制度、假新闻、虚假信息和阴谋论的盛行。

 Virtually nobody trusts what they read any more. The United States ranks dead last among 46 nations surveyed in confidence in the press. Only 29% of Americans say they broadly believe what they read, see or hear in mainstream media. And more than three quarters of the public think that big outlets knowingly publish fake news. The term “fake



 Despite a number of embarrassing political events over the past number of years, Great Britain still likes to regard itself as a forward-thinking, world-leading country and a force for good. Surveys show that the United Kingdom retains a great deal of positive sentiment around the world. And despite the savagery of the era, Britons


数以百计的国际学者开始反击亲以色列的说客,他们在英国校园里赢得越来越引人注目的胜利,因为他们试图以铲除反犹太主 […]

Israel Apartheid Feature photo

GLASGOW, SCOTLAND -- Hundreds of international scholars have begun a fightback against pro-Israel lobbyists who have been scoring increasingly high-profile victories on UK campuses as they seek to curb academic freedoms under the guise of stamping out antisemitism.  Glasgow university officials have found themselves in the eye of a storm this



The talks between the Venezuelan government and the extreme-right wing opposition had been going well. There are still outstanding issues to be resolved, like ending the economic war, but the discussions held in Mexico led to concrete electoral developments. The European Union agreed to send an electoral observation mission. The United Nations