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迈克尔·彭博(Michael Bloomberg)总统竞选引发关于民主和新闻自由的问题


Michael Bloomberg Feature Photo

After months of speculation, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg formally announced a high-profile, big-money campaign to become the Democratic Presidential nominee on November 24. The 77-year-old former Republican has decided that he is the perfect candidate to prevent the president from achieving a second term. Bloomberg has a long



New York Times Feature photo

Bolivian President Evo Morales was overthrown in a U.S.-backed military coup d’état earlier this month after Bolivian army generals appeared on television demanding his resignation. As Morales fled to Mexico, the army appointed right-wing Senator Jeanine Añez as his successor. Añez, a Christian conservative who has described Bolivia’s indigenous



Israel Settlements Feature photo

It is hardly shocking that the United States government has finally decreed that illegal Jewish settlements which have been built in defiance of international law, are, somehow, “consistent” with international law.  U.S. foreign policy has been edging closer towards this conclusion for some time. Since his advent to the White House in January



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Jerusalem, Palestine -- My short visit to Palestine in early November began around the time of the commemoration of Yitzhak Rabin’s assassination, went through the assassination by Israel of Islamic Jihad leader, Bahaa Abu Al-Atta and his wife in Gaza, and ended as Prime Minister Netanyahu, who should be indicted for his countless crimes against


美国政府长期以来一直没有试图在伊朗煽动民众起义,劫持或操纵抗议活动,如今大赦国际(Amnesty International)之类的人权组织似乎正在挫败这一策略。

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The U.S. government has lent its full support to anti-government protesters in Iran. “The United States is with you,'' announced Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Vice President Mike Pence was similarly emphatic. Meanwhile, President Trump offered condemnation of the Iranian government’s



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The Presidential impeachment proceedings rumble on as House Democrats continue their attempt to remove Donald Trump from office. Their case centers around the revelation that the President used his office to lean on a foreign head of state to dig up dirt on a domestic adversary. Trump is widely accused of threatening to withhold financial aid to