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谁真正炸毁了北溪二号,与布莱斯·格林 (Bryce Greene) 合作


MintCast Bryce Greene

Somebody blew up the Nord Stream II pipeline – that much is certain. Yet, since September last year, when the incident occurred, no one has come forward to take responsibility, and the attack has become the subject of intense international debate. On the one hand, the United States and its allies have maintained that it was likely a stunt by



The Israeli press is abuzz following a “New York Times” piece by Thomas Friedman in which he discusses U.S. President Joe Biden's attempt at forging a strategic U.S.-Saudi alliance, including a crucial normalization clause with Israel. Recently, President Biden granted an interview to Friedman, during which this strategic alliance was a topic of



Israel disintegration Feature photo

Israel is a nation grappling with deep internal divisions, and unfortunately, it is the Palestinian people who are paying the heavy price. Recently, a group of Israeli reservists known as "Brothers In Arms" made headlines by refusing to fulfill their reserve duty in protest of the newly passed "Judicial Reform." Their stated concern was for the

新文件揭示了 MKULTRA 的可怕影响力:种族生物武器、精神控制和令人不安的实验


MKUltra Feature photo

In a groundbreaking investigation, renowned anthropologist Orisanmi Burton has blown the lid off a dark chapter in CIA history. Classified Agency files, recently obtained through Freedom of Information laws, expose shocking ties between the infamous MKULTRA program and nightmarish experiments on prisoners of color within the United



MintCast Medea Benjamin Feature photo

As the war in Ukraine continues to take lives, many people worldwide question its legitimacy and demand an end to the violence. Yet even as calls to cease the conflict grow, the Biden administration has announced that it will up the ante by sending cluster munitions to Ukraine – a weapon banned by more than 100 countries worldwide. Today’s



Palestinian solidarity Feature photo

It is a new era in Palestine. This new era is taking shape before our very eyes, through the blood, tears and sacrifices of a brave generation that is fighting on two fronts - against the Israeli military occupation, on the one hand, and collaborating Palestinians masquerading as a ‘leadership,’ on the other. But how do we, in Palestine