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新的研究记录了犹太复国主义民兵如何在 1948 年战争前夕故意用痢疾和伤寒毒化水井。这场生物战运动由大卫·本-古里安(David Ben-Gurion)开绿灯,甚至发生在根据分治计划被指定为巴勒斯坦而非以色列一部分的城镇。生物战对犹太复国主义的胜利至关重要。

Shocking Details of Zionist Biological Warfare Against Palestinians Exposed

Academics Benny Morris of Ben-Gurion University and Benjamin Z. Kedar of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem have produced an extraordinary paper based on a welter of archival material, exposing in disturbing detail the hitherto obfuscated dimensions of an operation by Zionist forces to use chemical and biological weapons against both invading Arab


就像在 12 局棒球比赛中的体育场洗手间一样,工党档案的泄密仍在继续,但这些信息在很大程度上被所有主流媒体所忽视,尽管它是“……英国政治史上最大的泄密……”

Labour Files Feature photo

The Most Censored News with Lee Camp hosted by comedian/ writer/ raconteur/ provocateur/ saboteur Lee Camp is a twice-weekly look at the most censored stories within corporate media hosted by the new video platform Behind the Headlines – a MintPress video project that is 100% viewer supported.  Camp both brings to light stories that are



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One of the biggest problems for the left, as it confronts what seems like humanity’s ever-more precarious relationship with the planet – from the climate emergency to a potential nuclear exchange – is that siren voices keep luring it towards the rocks of political confusion and self-harm. And one of the loudest sirens on the British left is the



UAE Israel Deal Photo of the day

US President Donald Trump's so-called “Deal of the Century” was meant to represent a finality of sorts, an event reminiscent of Francis Fukuyama’s premature declaration of the “End of History” and the uncontested supremacy of western capitalism. In effect, it was a declaration that “we” — the US, Israel, and a few allies — have won, and “you”,


10 月 30 日,巴西人将再次前往投票站,因为极右翼现任总统 Jair Bolsonaro 在紧张的决选中与 […]

Image shows Lula da Silva and Jair Bolsonaro. The logo of CySourse, an Israeli cyber security company, is above Silva and Bolsonaro. An image in the background shows Brazilians cheering.

On October 30, Brazilians will again head to the polls as far-right incumbent president Jair Bolsonaro faces off against left-wing former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva in a tight run-off election. As the second round nears — and with tensions between the candidates high — Israeli involvement in Brazil’s elections is coming under


最近在“凯蒂·哈尔珀秀”中对凯蒂·哈珀的采访中,我们谈到了比尔·马赫让以色列前总理本杰明·内塔尼亚胡出现在他的 […]

Benjamin Netanyahu is interviewed on Real Time with Bill Maher on Oct. 14, 2022.

In a recent interview with Katie Halper on “The Katie Halper show”, we talked about Bill Maher having former Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu on his show. Maher has proven himself to be a rude buffoon and an Islamophobe for sure, but in this case, he shamelessly gave a platform to a known war criminal. Netanyahu has dedicated his life to