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点燃火焰的火花:10 月 7 日袭击的不为人知的故事

对哈马斯声明和政治言论的审查表明,巴勒斯坦组织对其 10 月 7 日的计划毫不讳言。

October 7 Feature photo

The dramatic, earth-shattering events in Palestine starting on October 7 have taken many people by surprise. However, attentive observers were not among them. Few expected that Palestinian fighters would be parachuting into southern Israel on October 7; that instead of capturing a single Israeli soldier - as done in 2006 - hundreds of Israelis,


在这项调查中,MintPress News 详细分析了亲以色列现金的十大个人接受者,揭露了以色列游说团体与华盛顿特区权势人物之间的联系

Joe Biden Israel Lobby Feature photo

As the Israeli attack on Gaza, Lebanon and Syria intensifies, the U.S. public watch on aghast. A new poll finds that Americans support a permanent ceasefire by a more than 2:1 ratio (including the vast majority of Democrats and a plurality of Republicans). And yet, despite this, only 4% of elected members of the House support even a temporary

蒂姆·肖罗克 (Tim Shorrock) 报道韩国和日本成为美国对华战略的关键战场

在今天的 MintCast 采访中,与蒂姆·肖洛克 (Tim Shorrock) 一起深入探讨东北亚错综复杂的地缘政治,探讨美国对日本和韩国的塑造、其复杂的政治格局,以及在中美紧张局势日益加剧的情况下实现地区统一的潜力

Tim Shorrock Feature photo

As China continues rising and the U.S. attempts to dominate the world, Northeast Asia becomes an increasingly crucial battleground. The United States is trying to encircle China with a network of hundreds of military bases while building a trilateral military alliance with South Korea and Japan. But many in those countries want to be free of U.S.



Israel forces strip and detain a group of men

When Zionist militias, using advanced Western arms, conquered historic Palestine in 1947-48, they expressed their victory through the deliberate humiliation of Palestinians. Much of that humiliation targeted women, in particular, knowing how the dishonor of Palestinian females represents, according to Arab culture, a sense of dishonor to the


以色列正在有计划地针对并一一杀害加沙记者。姆纳尔·阿德利 (Mnar Adley) 向他们致敬。

Gaza Journalists Tribute

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正如约翰·F·肯尼迪 (John F. Kennedy) 1960 年警告的那样,以色列已成为一个被“仇恨和恐惧”包围的“驻军国家”。约翰·F·肯尼迪的遇刺确保了犹太复国主义对以色列的控制,巴勒斯坦人遭受苦难,并造成永久的不稳定。

Israel JFK Assassination Feature photo

President John F. Kennedy was assassinated sixty years ago. If he had lived and won a second term, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict would have evolved differently. Possibly, the path toward Israeli apartheid and genocide in Gaza could have been avoided. In his short time in office, Kennedy significantly changed U.S. foreign policy. As documented