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巴勒斯坦的选择性愤怒:问题不只是 Smotrich,而是犹太复国主义


Bezalel Smotrich Feature photo

By his own admission, Israel’s new Finance Minister, Bezalel Smotrich, is a “fascist homophobe.” This declaration, which he made on January 16, should be enough to accentuate the violent nature of the new political concoction created by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu last December. Though Smotrich is not the only politician in


《斯塔默计划:右翼之旅》一书的作者奥利弗·伊格尔顿 (Oliver Eagleton) 与洛基一起讨论了基尔·斯塔默 (Keir Starmer) 的传记,凯尔·斯塔默是现代英国历史上最具争议性的政治人物之一。

Oliver Eagleton Watchdog Feature photo

From hotshot lawyer to head of the Crown Prosecution Services (CPS), Keir Starmer is perhaps not the first person many would associate with the British Labour Party. But the party’s shift in ideological stance under former Prime Minister Tony Blair opened the door for the highly polished Starmer to become the leader. Joining Lowkey on today’s



Donald Trump art feature photo Illustration by Mr. Fish

Washington DC — (Scheerpost) — Donald Trump — facing four government-run investigations, three criminal and one civil, targeting himself and his business — is not being targeted because of his crimes. Nearly every serious crime he is accused of carrying out has been committed by his political rivals. He is being targeted because he is deemed

Roger Waters V. the Machine:Pink Floyd 主唱在德国为言论自由而战的内幕

罗杰·沃特斯 (Roger Waters) 在被列入“反犹太主义”黑名单后,就他对 BDS 的支持、对以色列政府的批评以及对巴勒斯坦人民的支持,开始了与德国当局的法律斗争。

Roger Waters Germany Feature photo

Roger Waters is facing pushback from Germany. City authorities have canceled his upcoming concert over claims the Pink Floyd frontman is anti-Semitic. Yet activists say his experience is not an isolated incident when it comes to support for Palestine. In February, Frankfurt’s City Council canceled Waters’s concert scheduled for May 28, stating



China Multipolar world feature photo

The final exchange, caught on camera between visiting Chinese President Xi Jinping and his Russian host and counterpart, Vladimir Putin, sums up the current geopolitical conflict, still in its nascent stages, between the United States and its Western allies on the one hand, and Russia, China and their allies, on the other. Xi was leaving the

两个十年后的 900 亿美元:剖析阿富汗军队的全面崩溃

Kit Klarnberg 揭露了工业规模的腐败,使数十亿美元纳税人的钱在没有监督的情况下流入阿富汗,并导致武器和援助被阿富汗人、美国人员和五角大楼承包商等人滥用、偷窃或非法出售。

Afghanistan SIGAR Report Feature photo

In February, the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) published an extensive investigation into the spectacular collapse of the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces’ (ANDSF), which the U.S. spent two decades and $90 billion building. In common with previous SIGAR reports, it offers a remarkably uncompromising,