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Lee Camp:这是摆脱警察而不是让一切崩溃的方法。我不是在开玩笑


Lee Camp Police Feature phot

Most Americans are already familiar with the stats. Killings by U.S. police reached a new record in 2022, placing one out of every ten to twelve murders in the U.S. at the hands of police. This, of course, does not even address the millions of lives that have been destroyed by police violence which resulted in other types of injury and

No2NATO:英国前国会议员克里斯·威廉姆森 (Chris Williamson) 谈将英国从北约中解放出来的新努力


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NATO’s war has led to the death of 100,000 soldiers on each side and at least 6,900 Ukrainian civilians, the displacement of over 14 million and the destruction of at least eight percent of its houses and 50 percent of the country’s energy infrastructure. Despite the staggering loss of life, the United States and at least 27 other countries

Miko Peled:内塔尼亚胡和 Ben-Gvir 几乎可以保证新的起义将很快爆发


Netanyahu and Ben-Gvir Feature photo

There is a story about the Roman Emperor Nero, according to which he set  Rome on fire just so that he could see the flames. The story may or may not be true, but when Palestine is in flames, history will remember who lit the match. Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime minister of Israel, will be remembered as the reckless politician who gave Itamar

Nikki Haley 如何成为以色列的白宫候选人

Nikki Haley 希望从她在特朗普政府任职期间对以色列的奉献以及她在中东的强硬外交政策中获利 – 毫不夸张地说。

Nikki Haley Israel Feature photo

Though it has been argued that the so-called American dream is long dead, Nikki Haley proves the dream is still alive. But, unfortunately, the ‘dream’ is hers alone. Until recently, a close confidante of former US President Donald Trump and his pro-Israel circle, Haley wants to be the next United States president. On February 14, she officially


在李·坎普 (Lee Camp) 关于结束以色列对巴勒斯坦的占领的发人深省的采访中,了解两位截然不同的活动家为了一个共同的目标团结在一起的引人入胜的故事。

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Lee Camp, the host of "Behind the Headlines," interviews two prominent - and very different - peace activists working to end Israel’s occupation of Palestine. Adam Bloomberg and Issa Amro could not have grown up more differently. Amro in the embattled occupied Palestinian city of Hebron and Bloomberg in a prominent Jewish family during the troubled

从拉丁美洲到北溪:Rania Khalek 挑战美国外交政策和主流媒体叙事

与记者 Rania Khalek 一起探索美国外交政策的真相以及宣传对主流媒体的影响,因为她在这场发人深省的采访中挑战简化的叙述并倡导批判性报道。

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Rania Khalek is a Middle East-based journalist for Breakthrough News. She hosts the shows, “Dispatches,” “The Rania Khalek Show” and “Unauthorized Disclosure” and her work has appeared in many outlets, including The Grayzone, The Intercept, Truthout, Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting, Al Jazeera, The Nation, Salon, AlterNet and Vice. Known for