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谁将支持巴勒斯坦活动家? Nizar Banat 的残酷、悲剧性谋杀

将 Nizar Banat 的死归咎于 PA 与归咎于扣动扳机的人的手指,或归咎于毒药而不是施毒者是一样的。

Nizar Banat Feature photo

OCCUPIED PALESTINE -- The inexcusable, tragic murder of Palestinian activist Nizar Banat,-- the fierce critic of the Palestinian Authority, or PA, whose “health deteriorated” mysteriously last week while he was in PA custody -- shows us once again that Palestinians have no protection. No Palestinian is safe when they decide to stand up and demand



Huda Ammori and Richard Barnard, the co-founders of Palestine Action

Despite the official ceasefire, Sheikh Jarrah in Jerusalem continues to be a flashpoint of violence. Last week, Israeli forces fired stun grenades and sprayed skunk water on worshippers and protesters gathering near the Al-Aqsa Mosque, the third holiest site in Islam. Evidently, new Prime Minister Naftali Bennett is willing to be as aggressive and


经过一年多的媒体完全不屑一顾,关于 COVID-19 来自中国武汉武汉病毒研究所的理论一直在升温。

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WASHINGTON (Substack // Alex Rubinstein) -- Now that the dust has settled, Donald Trump is no longer president, and the United States has demonstrably handled the virus poorly, a need for a new scapegoat has arisen, and China is the perfect pretend culprit. This narratives' power has the potential to ignite major conflict between the world's


我们的安全部门现在显得如此大胆和自信,以至于他们公开做以前只能秘密做的事情,包括影响和控制我们的主流企业媒体。艾伦·麦克劳德 (Alan Macleod) 讨论了他对 Reddit 政策总监杰西卡·阿舒 (Jessica Ashooh) 的调查以及她与深层国家的关系。

Alan Macleod CIA Feature photo

Independent journalist Caitlin Johnstone recently wrote that our security services now appear so bold and confident that they openly do what was once only done in secret, including influencing and controlling so much of our mainstream, corporate media. In recent years, the big networks have hired a wide range of “former” agency veterans and



Israeli police torture Feature photo

NAZARETH, ISRAEL — In May, the world watched Israel’s brutal occupation on full display: The forcible displacement of Sheikh Jarrah residents was underway; Israeli security forces attacked Muslim worshippers at Al-Aqsa Mosque during Ramadan; Israeli rocket fire rained down on Gaza; and Jewish extremists chanted “Death to Arabs!” in the



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AFGHANISTAN -- The COVID-19 pandemic has been a death knell to so many industries in Afghanistan. Charities and aid agencies have even warned that the economic dislocation could spark widespread famine. But one sector is still booming: the illicit opium trade. Last year saw Afghan opium poppy cultivation grow by over a third while counter-narcotics