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随着舆论之争愈演愈烈,杰西卡·巴克斯鲍姆 (Jessica Buxbaum) 探索了名人、媒体公司和亲以色列组织之间复杂的联系网络。

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Since Israel launched a war on Gaza in October, it’s been accused of genocide, been on trial for war crimes, and seen allies stop approving weapons shipments. Yet amid the storm of negative press and genocidal war, some organizations are attempting to shift the narrative in Israel’s favor by taking celebrities and social media influencers on


绿党总统候选人吉尔·斯坦博士与 Mint Press 总监兼 MintCast 播客主持人 Mnar Adley 一起谈论斯坦博士对加沙、两党制、美国军国主义、气候变化的立场以及她的竞选目标

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Gaza is the “key issue of our era,” Green Party presidential hopeful Jill Stein told the MintCast today. “Every international law in the books is being broken,” she said, “This is not something that began on October 7. This is the continuation of ethnic cleansing and displacement that began in 1947 and 1948 with the displacement of 750,000

P Diddy 恋童癖党诉讼案又牵扯到一位亲以色列游说者:音乐执行官 Lucian Grainge

环球音乐集团首席执行官兼著名亲以色列倡导者卢西恩·格兰奇 (Lucian Grainge) 被列为针对嘻哈大亨 P Diddy 的诉讼中的共同被告,指控其贩卖儿童。与此同时,一线演员兼犹太复国主义炒作者阿什顿·库彻预计将被传唤。

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Billionaire Zionist Lucian Grainge is the Chairman and CEO of Universal Music Group, the largest music company in the world. But since February, he and his company have also been named " defendants” in a lawsuit against hip-hop impresario P Diddy, whose legal name is Sean Combs. As one of the most influential figures in one of the most popular

MintPress 新闻:反击暴行宣传

虽然企业主流媒体为以色列在加沙实施种族灭绝提供了掩护,但 MintPress 一直站在挑战暴行宣传的最前沿,并点名从这场屠杀中获利的人的名字。为此,我们在财务和算法上都成为了目标。

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I want to invite you to the fight against media manipulation and censorship to help us break through the propaganda. For nearly six months, we’ve witnessed Israel openly commit genocide in Gaza while it was livestreamed right on our smartphones. For nearly six months, we’ve witnessed mainstream media outlets like The New York Times, CNN, and



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Few conservative commentators have more significant influence and reach than Ben Shapiro. With more than six million followers on YouTube and Twitter, the Daily Wire co-founder has built a right-wing media empire. But now, the issue of Israel is driving a wedge between himself and many others inhabiting the same political space. An increasing



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The history of ceasefire agreements signed between Israel and its neighbors begins in February of 1949 when the newly established State of Israel signed armistice agreements with Egypt, Jordan - also newly created states, Lebanon and Syria. All the agreements say more or less the same things, the main differences being the boundaries as they were