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Gaza Gas Fields Feature photo

To what extent is the ongoing conflict between Israel and the Gaza Strip intertwined with the region's oil and gas resources? Since the year 2000, upon the discovery of gas fields in Gaza, the Israeli government has obstructed the Palestinian people and their representatives from harnessing the advantages of their natural resources. Let's look at



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Hamas uses Palestinians as human shields. You've heard the claim echoed ad nauseam in Western corporate media. Yet numerous reports from Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and other human rights groups have found the allegations, which are brought to bear by Israeli officials nearly every time Gaza hits the news, to not only be untrue,



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The U.S. and Israel have been planning the construction of brand-new trade routes, which are only possible through normalization agreements signed between Tel Aviv and the Arab World. So, what is the Ben Gurion Canal, India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor, and why is this so important to Washington's considerations when backing the current



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Did you know an international conference was held in France on November 9 under the title 'International Humanitarian Conference for Gaza's Civilian Population'? According to the French foreign ministry website, the conference "involved states, main donors, international organizations and NGOs active in Gaza" to promote "compliance with


MintPress News 深入探讨了维持以色列对加沙种族灭绝战争的国家。

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Now into its second month, Israel’s war on Gaza has left the strip’s northern section in shambles and killed over 14,000 Palestinians, with the majority being women and children. While Israel is launching the attacks on Gaza, several Western powers are also involved in the assault behind the scenes. MintPress News takes a deep dive into the



Eve of Destruction – by Mr. Fish Feature photo

Washington DC — (Scheerpost) — Israel is not attacking hospitals in Gaza because they are “Hamas command centers.” Israel is systematically and deliberately destroying Gaza’s medical infrastructure as part of a scorched earth campaign to make Gaza uninhabitable and escalate a humanitarian crisis. It intends to force 2.3 million Palestinians over