A National Action Plan For Community Policing And Racial Justice

‘While media attention waxes and wanes, the groundswell of anger and grief has started to translate into meaningful policy reform,’ groups say.

With protests against police brutality, mass incarceration, and systemic racism sweeping the nation, activists seeking to empower local movements and elevate on-the-ground solutions have developed a set of resources that highlights the "the slow but sustained work of many communities to enact meaningful reforms that transform both the practices and


‘Our Kids Are Being Killed’: On Mother’s Day Weekend, Moms Are Rising Up For Black Lives

Nation-wide protests and vigils highlight growing movement for racial justice.

Mothers whose children have been killed by police gather in Washington, D.C. on Saturday. (Photo courtesy of Code Pink)

Mothers whose children have been killed by police gather in Washington, D.C. on Saturday. (Photo courtesy of Code Pink) This Mother's Day weekend, moms across the United States are leading protests, vigils, and marches to demand justice for children slain by police and vigilante violence—and to send the message to parents and young people


Police Killings Challenge U.S. “Exceptionalism”

“Once it was called slavery, then Jim Crow, then slavery by another name, then the new Jim Crow. Yet we all know this unequal and brutal treatment of Black people must end.”

A protestor hangs a banner atop the flagpole of the Oakland Police Department Monday, Dec. 15, 2014, in Oakland, Calif. Demonstrators blocked streets around Oakland police headquarters and chained themselves to the front of the building Monday to protest recent grand jury decisions not to indict white officers who killed unarmed black men in


U.S. Police Just Killed More People In March Than All Police Shootings In the U.K. Since 1900!

In the month of March alone, a total of 111 people were killed by police in the United States. Compare that to the grand total of the entire United Kingdom, since 1900: only 52 people have been killed by police in the past 115 years.

Police officers watch the neighborhood as some buildings are set on fire after the announcement of the grand jury decision in Ferguson, Mo. To put how many people U.S. police kill in perspective, it helpful to compare the death toll of Americans, to those killed by law enforcement in other countries. In the month of March alone, a total


Pakistan Peace Talks Continue Amid Fresh Wave Of Civilian Killings

The Pakistan government is ironing out a peace deal with the Pakistani Taliban. A deadly wave of violence is sweeping the country, but it may not be at the hands of the usual suspects.

KARACHI, Pakistan ---- A deadly bombing inside a vegetable market on the fringes of Islamabad killed 25 people and injured as many as 100 others on Wednesday. It came at a time when the Pakistan government is trying to iron out a peace deal with the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan, or Pakistani Taliban, and working to extend the 40-day cease-fire, which