Christine Wade sits among her children in front of their donated tent in the city-sanctioned encampment on a parking lot in San Diego. They are, from left, Shawnni, 12, Roland, 4, Rayahna, 3, Jaymason, 2, Brooklyn, 8, and Shaccoya, 14. The Wade family is among several hundred people living in the city's first campground open for the homeless, set up to curb the worst Hepatitis A outbreak in the United States in decades. Gregory Bull | AP


密歇根州发生的是该州历史上最大的甲型肝炎爆发。但密歇根州并不是独一无二的:在附近的俄亥俄州,印第安纳州和肯塔基州 – 以及远在圣地亚哥,盐湖城和纽约市 – 甲型肝炎病例数量急剧增加。