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石油峰值和无限经济增长的缺陷逻辑,与 Keith Akers

与作者基思·埃克斯 (Keith Akers) 一起深入研究化石燃料开采的影响、我们星球面临的生态危机以及可持续未来所需的根本变革,从中获得关于气候变化和生态可持续性的全新视角。

Lee Camp Keith Akers Feature photo

Join activist Keith Akers in a fascinating deep-dive interview on climate change and ecological sustainability. In his upcoming book, Embracing Limits, Akers asks tough questions about the impact of anthropogenic climate change and proposes a truly sustainable future with economic degrowth at its core. In this conversation, Akers discusses his

The Petrodollar in Freefall and a New Multipolar World Order, with Ben Norton

Join Lee Camp and Ben Norton as they delve into the changing world order, the rebellion of Latin America against Western hegemony, the ongoing proxy war in Ukraine, and much more.

Lee Camp Ben Norton Feature photo

Join Lee Camp and Ben Norton in this captivating episode of Behind the Headlines as they delve into the changing world order, the rebellion of Latin America against Western hegemony, the ongoing proxy war in Ukraine, and the latest international political clashes. Norton, a seasoned journalist who founded Geopolitical Economy, a Nicaragua-based


Ramzy Baroud 认为,以色列在战场上的成功很大程度上取决于其阿拉伯敌人的不团结,这一因素正在发生变化。

Hezbollah Feature photo

When Israel launched a war against the Gaza Strip in August 2022, it declared that its target was the Islamic Jihad only. Indeed, neither Hamas nor the other Gaza-based groups engaged directly in the fighting. Nevertheless, the war then raised more questions than answers. Israel rarely distinguishes between one Palestinian group and another. For



Lee Camp: You Won't Believe Who Got The Richest From The Afghanistan War

The war in Afghanistan, one of the longest conflicts in U.S. history, was marked by extensive waste, fraud, and corruption, resulting in trillions of dollars being spent by American taxpayers. The war was ostensibly launched to eliminate the threat posed by the Taliban and to find and capture Osama bin Laden, the purported mastermind behind the



Lee Camp Monsanto

Monsanto has been voted the evilest corporation in the world several times over. Yet, we don’t hear anything about them now. What happened? Did they complete the evil? Did they retire after all their evil wrapped up? No, not so much. Monsanto was one of the most hated companies in the Americas. There were protests just a few years ago,



BRICS Feature

Who would have expected that the BRICS nations could rise as the potential rival of the G7 countries, the World Bank and the IMF combined? But that once seemingly distant possibility now has real prospects which could change the political equilibrium of world politics. BRICS is an acronym for Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. It was