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“第一个目标是夺取[马杜罗]。让全世界都看到它。 […]死了,所以消息很清楚,这个婊子的儿子已经完成,“前空军将军Miguel Carmelo Sisco被视为在其中一个视频中告诉其他所谓的同谋。

Venezuela Coup Undercover Video

The Venezuelan government has reportedly dismantled a plan to stage a violent putsch in recent days. Communications Minister Jorge Rodriguez revealed on Wednesday that a large scale plan was set to be executed on June 23 or 24. The operation allegedly included the assassination of President Nicolas Maduro, National Constituent Assembly President



Adam Schiff, The Left Wing Hawk Feature photo

Neoliberal, fake progressive Rep. Adam Schiff (D-C) showed his true colors yet again last week. He said in response to President Donald Trump’s saber-rattling and threats to attack Iran that, Iran is a thoroughly malign actor, a cause of deep instability in the region, a profound contributor to the violence and misery in Yemen, and one of the most

The End of Human Civlisation: War, Empire and Racism in the Anthropocene

For the first time in history, the future of the entire planet — for generations if not millennia to come — is now being fundamentally determined by the activities of the human species.


INSURGE INTELLIGENCE -- The Anthropocene. A proposed new geological epoch which designates a shift to a planetary age dominated by human impacts across the geological processes of the Earth. Geologists dispute the duration, precision, relevance and even accuracy of the concept. But the term has increasingly entered the scientific lexicon as



Honduras Protests feature photo

TEGUCIGALPA, HONDURAS -- Repression against resistance activists in Honduras has become increasingly lethal as the country braces for planned protests ahead of the 10-year anniversary of a U.S.-backed coup. Police and military forces have used live rounds against students, resulting in at least three deaths, as protests heat up ahead of the


Ramzy Baroud博士从肯尼亚报道肯尼亚和巴勒斯坦反对殖民国家的斗争及其国际公认的抵抗暴力占领的权利的交叉性。

Palestine Kenya Feature photo

In 1948, my grandfather, along with thousands of Badrasawis, was expelled by Israeli military forces from our ancestral village of Beit Daras in Palestine.  Like hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from over 500 other villages, my grandfather assumed he would be back home in a few weeks. “Why bother to haul the good blankets on the back of a


穆罕默德·穆尔西(Mohamed Morsi)试图取悦埃及社会中的每个人。但最终,没有人满意。

Egypt | Israel

Former President of Egypt, Mohamed Morsi, had finished his 15-minute discourse in a courtroom, while being locked inside a sound-proofed cage. He read a poem about his love for Egypt, and then collapsed, and died. His demise sent shock-waves all over Egypt, the region and the Muslim world. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan refused to