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“当数百万人,包括孕妇和儿童,由于我的同谋媒体中的腐败人员隐藏正在发生的事情而没有任何食物时,我有多么不公平。” – 饥饿前锋Pamela Bennett

Pamela Bennett | Yemen Hunger Strike

SAN FRANCISCO -- In Yemen, 18 million civilians are now at the brink of starvation, including 5 million children. The situation in the country, widely considered to be the world’s worst humanitarian crisis, is entirely man-made – the sordid result of the Saudi Arabia/UAE coalition’s war to control the Middle East’s poorest nation, a war that

拉丁美洲回归华盛顿的折叠 – 以及法西斯主义


Argentina IMF Protests

Latin America is re-converting into Washington’s backyard and as a sideline is returning to fascist rule, similar but worse than the sixties seventies and eighties, which stood under the spell of the CIA-led Operation of Plan Condor. Many call the current right-wing trend Operation Condor II which is probably as close to the truth as can be. It is


正如记者和中东问题专家Sharmine Narwani指出的那样,泄露的文件基本上“显示联合国正在出售”,因为“KSA和阿联酋摧毁了也门,然后向联合国支付了在这个破碎状态下宣传他们的'好作品'。

Saudi Arabia United Nations

We wonder if the Saudis had never been caught in Jamal Khashoggi's gruesome murder, would such essential stories and leaks now happening such as the below Guardian report ever see the light of day? On Tuesday The Guardian published select contents of a leaked internal United Nations document detailing a "pay to play" scheme orchestrated by Saudi

Bellingcat创始人和ISIS Twitter账户的合作在新报告中公开

Bellingcat和大西洋理事会的Eliot Higgins等西方“专家”经常推广ShamiWitness帐户,尽管它经常宣传Daesh谈话要点和野蛮行为。

ShamiWitness Higgins Header

MINNEAPOLIS  -- A new report has exposed the past collaboration of Eliot Higgins of Bellingcat and influential neo-conservatives with the “most influential Twitter account” of the terror group Daesh, also known as the Islamic State (ISIL, ISIS). That collaboration helped promote the account, which posted under the Twitter handle @shamiwitness, as



Yemen Badr P-1 high-precision ballistic missile

SANA’A, YEMEN -- Living under the constant threat of airstrikes as well as a crippling blockade by the Saudi coalition has forced Yemen’s Resistance to build its burgeoning domestic military capability, as hope wanes that the Saudi-led attacks, which have killed and injured thousands of civilians since the coalition began its war in March 2015,



Donald Trump military spending

US President Donald Trump called for defense spending cuts during a Cabinet meeting on October 17th. In fact, he asked all cabinet members to institute budget cuts of at least 5% for their departments in 2019. Speaking to the press prior to the Cabinet meeting, Trump spoke of his plan to ask every secretary to make a cut of 5% “if not more” in