Trump’s New Executive Order Is Still A Muslim Ban

Immigration and human rights advocates say the new ban still discriminates against Muslims and fails to address some of their concerns with the previous order.

Muslim Ban

(ANALYSIS) --- President Donald Trump has signed a new executive order temporarily banning all refugees, as well as people from six majority-Muslim countries, from entering the United States. In contrast to the fanfare that accompanied Trump’s rollout of January’s ill-fated travel ban, Monday’s signing was a decidedly more low-key event. Trump


Europe Votes To Impose Visas On Americans

Donald Trump may soon find himself on the receiving end of a “visa war” that could have dire consequences for trans-Atlantic travel and European tourism.

A man sells balloons wearing a Mickey Mouse costume with an US flag on his hat in a tourist area in Madrid, Spain. (AP/Andres Kudacki)

On Thuesday, EU lawmakers voted to force Americans to apply for visas when traveling to Europe in response to Washington refusing to allow all Europeans to travel to the States visa-free. The vote by show of hands was the latest in an ongoing “visa war” between Brussels and Washington DC, which now looks set to come to a head after MEPs today


Protests Continue For 2nd Day Against Trump’s ‘Muslim Ban’

Not letting up on protesting and showing solidarity with those banned, thousands took to the streets again Sunday to protest Trump’s new policy.

Izzy Berdan, of Boston, center, wears an American flags as he chants slogans with other demonstrators during a rally against President Donald Trump's order that restricts travel to the U.S., Sunday, Jan. 29, 2017, in Boston. (AP/Steven Senne)

(REPORT) --- Protests erupted for a second day in several U.S. cities Sunday as people took to the streets against President Donald Trump's executive order banning citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States, even those with valid visas and permanent residency. Thousands of people gathered in Lower Manhattan in


Slavery Is Alive And Well In America, Fueled By The Need For Cheap Labor

Though the 13th Amendment outlawed slavery, forced labor persists in the U.S. through federal guest worker programs, a focus solely on sex trafficking, and an economy that puts cost effectiveness ahead of human rights.

A 16-year-old worker harvests tobacco on a farm in Kentucky. Marcus Beasdale | Human Rights Watch

The 13th Amendment explicitly prohibits slavery in all forms, except as criminal punishment, yet as many as 60,000 native-born Americans and both lawfully-admitted and undocumented immigrants are forced into bonded labor, sex trafficking, or forced, unpaid servitude. A broken immigration system and a failure to effectively respond to a call for


NYC Weighs Allowing Green Card And Visa Holders To Vote

Agha Saleh came to the United States inspired by democratic ideals, but it took him years to achieve a basic one here: voting.

NEW YORK — Agha Saleh came to the United States inspired by democratic ideals, but it took him years to achieve a basic one here : voting. He'd lived through political upheaval in his native Pakistan and was eager to be part of America's storied "government of the people." But for the eight years until he got citizenship, it struck him as "a


Anatomy Of A Blame Game: Boston Bombing Suspect’s Friends Charged

As the media obsesses over charges against a group of 19-year-olds, some wonder what the societal function of finger-pointing is, or isn’t.

One month after the detonation of two improvised explosive devices at the 2013 Boston Marathon left three people dead and more than 200 wounded, the network of individuals thought to be involved in the attack continues to expand. Three friends of bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev have been accused of obstructing justice. For many, the notion of