Trafficking, Child Labor May Be Growing In Global Chocolate Industry

Labor advocates say failure to address the root causes of poverty among cocoa farming communities may be leading to both human trafficking and child labor along the chocolate industry’s supply chains.


A young boy builds a small storage house in a cocoa producing village close to town of Oume, Ivory Coast. (Photo: Schalk van Zuydam/AP) WASHINGTON --- Almost two decades of advocacy work and multi-stakeholder discussions have resulted in nearly universal acknowledgement of the crushing labor and inequity issues that characterized the


Bakken Region Tribes Fight Back Against Human Trafficking

The Bakken oil boom is bringing man camps of strangers into the region’s small, isolated tribal communities, which are seeing rises in drug addiction, sexual assault and prostitution. These communities are uniting to protect their communities and help victims through healing.


POPLAR, Montana --- Over 200 people gathered in Bismarck, North Dakota, last week for the first summit hosted by FUSE -- Force to end Human Sexual Exploitation, a coalition formed earlier this year in response to a growing concern statewide: human trafficking. During the two-day summit, speakers from various agencies -- including women’s


US Blacklists Thailand, Malaysia Over Trafficking

The United States has blacklisted Thailand and Malaysia for failing to meet its minimum standards in fighting human trafficking.

WASHINGTON — The United States has blacklisted Thailand and Malaysia for failing to meet its minimum standards in fighting human trafficking, a move that could strain relations with two important U.S. partners in Asia. The State Department, however, improved its rating of strategic rival China. The department cited Beijing's steps to abolish


(VIDEO) Bureaucracy, Corruption And Fear Thwart Justice For Trafficked Women In Thailand

Human trafficking is big business, bringing in $32 billion annually. In 2012, the Thai government prosecuted just 27 cases, obtaining 10 convictions.

YANGON, Myanmar — Thazin knew she was in trouble as soon as the car pulled up to her new place of employment. It wasn’t a convenience store, as promised. It was a guesthouse with a bar. And then the truth dawned on her and the others brought with her. “We realized that we would not only work at a beer bar,” Thazin said, “but also as


Super Bowl A Magnet For Trafficking, Child Prostitution

Advocates say the male-friendly party atmosphere of the Super Bowl encourages the exploitation of women and children.

According to Forbes, during the 2010 Super Bowl -- while the nation watched the New Orleans Saints overcome a weak first quarter to beat odds-favorite Indianapolis Colts 31-17, more than 10,000 prostitutes were brought into host-city Miami. A significant number of these prostitutes were minors -- kidnapped and forced to sleep with as many as 25 to


Nearly 30 Million People Living in Modern-Day Slavery

New Global Slavery Index reveals that slavery “remains a scar on humanity on every continent.”

Almost 30 million people across the world are currently living in slavery, new research shows. The findings come from the first annual Global Slavery Index released by the Walk Free Foundation, a movement working to end modern slavery, which looked at freedom-depriving practices including slavery, forced labor, debt bondage, human trafficking