Race And Racism Define Southern Politics, But Maybe Not For Long

The GOP wouldn’t be wise to think it can rely on its white voter base in the South for much longer. Despite an onslaught of restrictive voting laws in recent years, Republicans will need to shift gears from the “Southern Strategy” to inclusion to stay relevant.

Senate Mississippi

Long-term Republican Sen. Thad Cochran defied popular thinking in June by defeating his Tea Party primary challenger Chris McDaniel in a runoff. Part of Cochran’s success can be attributed to 17 percent more voters turning up to polls for the runoff than for the primary. The other factor contributing to Cochran’s win was his exploitation of


Drone Schools Suggest Inevitability Of Drones In Everyday Life

A rush to start drone engineering and research programs […]

This week, the United States Navy launched its drone prototype, the X-47B, from the deck of the U.S.S. George H.W. Bush off the coast of Maryland. The X-47B is the first drone that has proven successful in launching from and landing on an aircraft carrier, giving the military the capability of launching drone strikes without first setting up a


New Illinois Fracking Regulations Heralded As ‘Compromise’; Locals Disagree

New statewide requirements for the industry come at the expense of localities’ ability to impose their own rules.

While touted as a compromise by local media, proposed fracking regulations being considered by Illinois lawmakers aren’t being accepted by community members who long have called for a moratorium and science-based environmental study on the impacts of the industry. The law being considered in the House -- HB 265 -- does put some safeguards in


Florida Proposes That Poor Pay Three Times More For Health Insurance Than Legislators

Members of the Florida House only pay $8.34 a month for individual health care coverage, or $30 a month to cover their family.

According to the 2010 Census, 16.7 percent of all Americans do not have health insurance. Of this population, six in 10 uninsured households have at least one adult working full time, per the Kaiser Family Foundation. With the average cost of single-coverage health insurance at $5,615 per year in the United States, and $15,745 for family coverage,


On Victory Drive, Soldiers Defeated by Debt

Many of the nation’s military bases are surrounded by storefront lenders who charge high annual percentage rates, sometimes exceeding 400 percent.

Seven years after Congress banned payday-loan companies from charging exorbitant interest rates to service members, many of the nation's military bases are surrounded by storefront lenders who charge high annual percentage rates, sometimes exceeding 400 percent. The Military Lending Act sought to protect service members and their families from


Museum To Honor Henry Kissinger, But Is He Worthy Of Praise?

The former secretary of state’s commitment to realism in foreign policy ensures debate over his legacy will remain bitterly divided.

In recent American history, a litany of different personalities have occupied the executive office at the Harry S Truman building at Foggy Bottom. War hawks, accommodationists, international diplomats and isolationists have entered and left the position of secretary of state -- each making their distinct mark in the foreign visage of the United