Resistance Grows To New Louisiana Bayou Bridge Pipeline

“We don’t for a second believe that the state of Louisiana is able to oversee the safe construction and operation of the Bayou Bridge Pipeline… There are accidents every single week in the oil industry in this state, and there is no sign of that ending.”

An oil facility is seen in the middle of canals dug for oil pipelines on the coast of Louisiana, Wednesday, July 28, 2010. (AP/Patrick Semansky)

Louisiana groups say they are fed up with environmental destruction wreaked by the oil industry and that the very least the state should allow a third-party assessment of what’s at stake before a proposed pipeline is allowed to be built. They also want Louisiana to move to renewable energy, which is far safer and less toxic. The groups cite


China’s Transition From Coal To Renewable Is Making A Big Dent In Global CO2 Emmisions

The dramatic energy change in China has helped halt the rise of global CO2 emissions for the first time since the first climate change treaty was signed almost three decades ago.

In this photo taken Saturday, Oct. 10, 2015, solar panels at a solar power farm soaks in the sun in northwestern China's Ningxia Hui autonomous region. (AP/Ng Han Guan)

Carbon emissions from China’s energy sector stalled last year for the third year running — as coal use fell again and solar deployment nearly doubled. The newly released government figures, analyzed by Greenpeace, also suggest that emissions are on track to fall this year by around 1%. That would make it the longest stretch of stable or


Watch: Are England’s Forests Disappearing?

2017 will be one to watch – and challenge – for nature.

Bluebells (Hyacinthoides non-scripta) bloom in an ancient woodland forest (AP Photo/Geert Vanden Wijngaert)

(REPORT) — If has been a year of bad omens for the UK’s natural world. One in ten wildlife species are now at risk of extinction, the landmark State of Nature report announced in September. In sheer numbers, one in six of the country’s animals, birds, fish and plants have already been lost. The UK is now “among the most nature depleted


That’s Nuts!: Thailand’s Newest Power Plant Runs On Coconut Waste

Currently, almost two-thirds of Europe’s renewable energy comes from burning biomass, and the industry employs almost half a million workers.

Thailand will coconut husks to generate 9.5 MilliWatts of energy in a process they believe will believe they can increase efficiency while reducing air pollution.

BANGKOK, Thailand --- Thailand will soon be turning its coconut waste into electrical power thanks to a specialized power plant that burns biomass. Unlike other biomass plants, which can be designed to burn everything from wood chips to city waste, the plant being built in Thailand’s Samut Sakhon Province will be tailored specifically for


Solar And Wind Will Be Cheaper Than Nukes By End of Decade: Greenpeace

New report shows nuclear-dependent France has historic opportunity, and enormous financial incentive, to move towards renewables.

A new report by Greenpeace in France shows that renewable energy sources like photovoltaic solar and wind will be more affordable than nuclear power by the end of the decade. As France rushes to make expensive upgrades to its aging nuclear plants in the midst of the ongoing Fuksuhima disaster in Japan, the report (published here in French) shows


Renewable Republicanism Struggles Against The Oil Oligarchy

If history has taught us anything, it’s that oil doesn’t create peace, stability or progress. But it also turns out that it doesn’t make oil-rich countries as rich as we might think.

Sean Hannity

Imagine for a moment that you are a country in the developing world. Except for your cheap labor, you have no resources to speak of. What fertile land you have is mostly given over to the wealthy, while the rest of the population is squeezed into sprawling, squalid shantytowns or spread out across a vast landscape trying to scratch a living from