Jessia Ashooh:驯服 Reddit 和国家安全国家工厂


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SAN FRANCISCO -- Reddit is one of the world’s most influential news and social media platforms. The website attracted over 1.2 billion visits in April 2021 alone, making it the United States’ eighth most visited site, ahead of other leviathans like Twitter, Instagram and eBay. Now majority-owned by a much larger corporate publishing empire, Reddit



在看到Small Street赚钱并损害华尔街的举动之后的数小时内,当局急忙关闭系统,金融界的自由市场人士突然要求过夜。

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There was widespread outrage as panicked authorities introduced a host of emergency measures to stop the continued financial rebellion started by Redditors on the Wall Street Bets subreddit. “Capitalism has no problem when the working class plays. But has an issue when the working class starts winning. The system is rigged,” wrote congressman Jamal




Donald Trump enters the debate hall during the Republican presidential debate sponsored by CNN, March 10, 2016. (AP/Alan Diaz)

It has been a difficult week for CNN, the New York Times and the Associated Press, with all three news organizations’ “Russiagate” coverage found to be flawed and based on false claims. The latter two organizations were forced to issue retractions for some of their coverage as a result. But CNN has apparently decided to further fan the flames of


Donald Trump’s Signature Suit Collection Is Made In Mexico

Donald Trump is still reeling from the backlash over his comments on Mexico, yet despite his rhetoric the business baron apparently has no problem outsourcing his own clothing line to, you guessed it: Mexico.

Donal Trump made in Mexico

Just yesterday Donald Trump was standing firm by his assertion that Mexico is stealing our jobs, trade and "killing us at the border." Mr. Trump's views apparently do not extend to his personal business empire.  An astute Reddit user, posted a photo on a Donal Trump signature


VIDEO: Aaron Swartz And The Fight For Free Information

The majority of the wealth of human knowledge is owned by a few publishing companies that hoard information and make billions off licensing fees, although most scholarly articles and journals are paid for by taxpayers through government grants. Aaron sought to change this.

Computer prodigy Aaron Swartz should have been celebrating his 28 years over the holidays. Yet nearly two years ago, he tragically took his own life. He was the target of a merciless witch-hunt by the Department of Justice, ultimately choosing death over 35 years behind bars for the crime of releasing information. As someone who transformed the