Addressing Media Bias, Activists Petition NYT To Revise Coverage Of Chavez

Honduras then-elected President Manuel Zelaya, left, re […]

In the USA, the former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez continues to be labeled a “dictator,” a “despot” and a “tyrant” who oppressed his country during his 14 years in office. The image is inconsistent with the reports of elections monitors who have declared Venezuelan elections to be among the most free and democratic anywhere in the world. In


Hawking’s Refusal To Attend Israeli Conference Spurs Divestment Debate In US

Protesters demonstrate on June 5, 2010, in Melbourne, A […]

The movement to use peaceful, economic pressure to encourage the Israeli government to halt its illegal military occupation and construction of settlements in the West Bank is gaining momentum once again after renowned physicist Stephen Hawking stated he would boycott a conference in Israel to send a message to the government. This week, the


Privacy Or Security: Do We Only Get To Pick One?

Unlike with previous bombings, the aftermath of Boston hasn’t seen Americans clamor for more surveillance at the expense of civil liberties.

There’s an interesting trend occurring in the United States regarding the number of Americans willing to give up their civil liberties in the name of fighting terrorism. In a poll conducted by TIME/CNN/ORC International two weeks after the Boston Marathon bombing incident, results show that 61 percent of Americans were more concerned about the


Could Immigration Bill Set Off Another Backlash?

A Senate committee prepares to begin voting this week on far-reaching immigration legislation.

As a Senate committee prepares to begin voting this week on far-reaching immigration legislation, advocates are watching warily to see whether relatively tame opposition balloons into the kind of fierce resistance that killed Congress' last attempt to overhaul the system. Last time around, in 2007, angry calls overwhelmed the Senate switchboard


Nestle Claims To Own Fennel Flower: Oh Yeah?

Trisha Marczak Through the eyes of Nestle, the world is […]

Trisha MarczakThrough the eyes of Nestle, the world is their own. In its most recent bid to monopolize nature, Nestle is attempting to patent the fennel flower, or better known as nigella sativa, a flower whose medical benefits date back to Biblical times. Scientifically proven to aid issues relating to everything from kidney and liver disorders to


Conservative Senators Call For Militaristic Response To “Islamic Jihad” On US Soil

Martin Michaels “We’re at war with a radical ideology t […]

Martin Michaels “We’re at war with a radical ideology that hates everything that we stand for,” said Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) in a public statement Tuesday. “As a matter of fact, radical Islam is regenerating. And the way they are coming after us, is to find people in our own backyard and turn them against us.”Graham joined with other