The Fear That Drives U.S. Nuclear Strategy

Our world is poised perilously on the brink of catastrophic nuclear war. This has happened because we have given responsibility for holding the nuclear trigger to a handful of men who, emotionally speaking, are terrified little boys.

Illustration by Max Pixel, Creative Commons.

The United States Department of Defense released its latest ‘Nuclear Posture Review 2018’ (NPR) on 2 February, updating the last one issued in 2010 during the previous administration. The Executive Summary of the NPR is also available if you prefer. Several authors have already thoughtfully exposed a phenomenal variety of obvious lies,


How Donald Trump Is Normalizing Nuclear Weapons

As the seemingly threat-free zone of a post-nuclear era is drawing to a close, the possible use of nuclear weapons – barely conceivable even in the Cold War era – is about to be normalized.

An anti-war protester wears a mask showing US President Donald Trump in Berlin, Germany, Saturday, Nov. 18, 2017 during a demonstration against nuclear weapons near the Brandenburg Gate. (AP/Michael Sohn)

Maybe you thought America’s nuclear arsenal, with its thousands of city-busting, potentially civilization-destroying thermonuclear warheads, was plenty big enough to deter any imaginable adversary from attacking the U.S. with nukes of their own. Well, it turns out you were wrong. The Pentagon has been fretting that the arsenal is insufficiently