‘Water Is Life’ Camp Resists Energy Transfer Partners’ Louisiana Bayou Bridge Pipeline

Bayou Bridge is another dangerous pipeline from a company that’s shown complete disregard for Indigenous rights, the land and water, and our climate. If approved, the project will run though 11 parishes and cross around 600 acres of wetlands and 700 bodies of water, including wells that reportedly provide drinking water for some 300,000 families.

L’EAU EST LA VIE CAMP, LOUISIANA -- The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has just granted a permit to a subsidiary of Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) for the Bayou Bridge Pipeline (BBP) in Louisiana. The Corps neglected to perform an environmental impact review of the pipeline project that opponents say will put local communities, indigenous peoples,





The Indian Health Service (IHS), the federal service legally responsible for providing medical care to approximately 2.2. million tribal members is under scrutiny for failing to meet minimum national standards for medical facilities and repeatedly endangering patients by turning away the gravely ill and causing unnecessary deaths. A unit of the


Live Stream Cut Off As Police Spray DAPL Protesters With Water Cannons in Below Freezing Temps

After the volley of tear gas, officers inexcusably began shooting water cannons at water protectors kettled on the bridge — in temperatures hovering around 26 degrees Fahrenheit — making hypothermia and frostbite an immediate danger.

Militarized police in North Dakota are now firing water cannons, concussion grenades, tear gas, and rubber bullets on water protectors trapped on a bridge near Cannon Ball. Following a brief confrontation with police, in which military vehicles were reportedly set alight and ultimately cleared from the roadway by water protectors, heavily armed


#NoDAPL: Native American Leaders Vow to Stay All Winter, File Lawsuit Against Police

Amnesty International are sending a delegation of human rights observers to monitor the response of law enforcement to the protests.

Native American leaders vowed on Saturday to protest through the winter against a North Dakota oil pipeline they say threatens water resources and sacred lands and are planning lawsuits over police treatment of arrested protesters. Standing Rock Sioux Chairman Dave Archambault II said he and other tribal leaders were working on providing food,


‘World Watching’ as Tribal Members Put Bodies In Path Of Dakota Access Pipeline

United Nations official echoes call for Standing Rock Sioux Tribe to have say with regard to $3.8 billion oil pipeline.

Thirty-eight activists were arrested in two states on Wednesday as protests against the $3.8 billion Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) continue. While construction on one section of the pipeline has been halted until a court ruling expected next week, work continues at other sites. Earlier this week, a federal judge in Des Moines, Iowa, foiled an


REPORT: Native Americans Account For Disproportionate Amount Of Prison Population

A new report details how Montana is sending more people to prison than it releases, with Native Americans making up a disproportionate share of the prison population.

(Photo: News From Native California)

A new report has been released from the Council of State Governments Justice Center, a national nonprofit organization tasked with helping Montana officials reduce prison spending and overcrowding. The Missoulian reported on the release of the study: The report, presented Tuesday to lawmakers and others appointed to Montana’s Commission on