Does New Look At Documents Reveal Nixon’s Hand In My Lai Cover-Up?

On the 46th anniversary of the massacre, historians say that internal documents reveal presidential interference with war-crime prosecution.

A brutal scene following the March 16 massacre in My Lai, South Vietnam. (Photo: Ronald L. Haeberle/ US Army/ Wikimedia Commons)

President Richard Nixon may have been personally behind an attempt to cover up the brutal killing of over 500 Vietnamese civilians by American soldiers in the South Vietnam village of My Lai in 1968, according to historians who spoke with CBS journalist Evie Salomon. Handwritten notes by Nixon's chief of staff H.R. "Bob" Haldeman taken during a


Johnny Depp Wants To Buy Wounded Knee. But Why Was It Sold In The First Place?

Depp has indicated his intention to purchase Wounded Knee, South Dakota — the site of the Wounded Knee Massacre of 1890.

In a June 6 Daily Mail article, actor Johnny Depp made an offhand comment about his decision to play the Lone Ranger’s sidekick, Tonto, in his new film. “So when I got the opportunity to play Tonto, I wanted to play him as a warrior with great dignity and great integrity and at the same time with a sense of humor about the White man and all the


Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood Accuses Military Of Massacre After Morsi Supporters Shot Dead

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood has accused the military of a “massacre” after more than 40 of its supporters were shot dead during a sit-in in Cairo.

The Muslim Brotherhood has called for an "uprising" in Egypt after dozens of its supporters were shot dead in Cairo early Monday as they staged a sit-in in support of Egypt's deposed president, Mohamed Morsi. According to the Brotherhood, at least 53 people, including children, were killed outside the Republican Guard military compound in what


‘I Don’t Think I Can Explain’: The Anti-War Lesson Of Michael Karkoc

The media recently pounced on allegations that a 94-year-old Minnesotan committed war crimes during WWII. But are reporters ignoring the greater tragedy?

Recently news broke that a 94-year-old man, Michael Karkoc, who has resided in a quiet northeast Minneapolis neighborhood for almost 70 years, is suspected of being the former leader of a Nazi unit accused of committing war crimes in World War II. The story set off a media frenzy, with reporters from across the globe descending on Minneapolis,


Attorney: US Soldier Will Plead Guilty To Massacre In Afghanistan That Killed 16

The Army staff sergeant charged with slaughtering 16 villagers will plead guilty to avoid the death penalty.

SEATTLE — The Army staff sergeant charged with slaughtering 16 villagers in one of the worst atrocities of the Afghanistan war will plead guilty to avoid the death penalty in a deal that requires him to recount the horrific attack for the first time, his attorney told The Associated Press on Wednesday. Staff Sgt. Robert Bales was "crazed" and