A US Attack On Syria Would Violate The UN Charter

Even as it waffles on what to do sans congressional approval, the Obama administration says it is prepared to defy the United Nations.

In Washington, President Barack Obama’s plans to punitively attack Syria for alleged chemical weapons use are falling apart before an increasingly recalcitrant Congress. After the president’s heavily debated submission of his use-of-force resolution to Congress -- which the White House insists is simply a courtesy rather than an actual requirement


Another Inevitable War?

Opponents of U.S. intervention in Syria should fine-tune their argument to hit U.S. foreign poilicy where it hurts.

In this citizen journalism image made and provided by the Kfar Suseh Coordinating of the Syrian Revolution on Monday June 18, 2012, protesters hold up a placard during a demonstration at Kfar Suseh area, in Damascus, Syria. (AP Photo/The Kfar Suseh Coordinating Of The Syrian Revolution )

A funny thing happened on the way to war with Syria – democracy, that confusingly complex and painfully slow form of government that many, if not most, believe has had the life sucked out of it of late, actually may have stopped a war from occurring. Or at least, British democracy may have. As it stands presently, the British Parliament stunned