An Open Letter To The J20 Protesters

An open letter to the J20 protesters by Political analyst and MintPress contributor Caleb Maupin.

A young protestor feeds a fire of protest signs during a demonstration outside the National Press Building ahead of the presidential inauguration, Thursday, Jan. 19, 2017, in Washington. (AP/John Minchillo)

Dear J20 Protesters,     These are not emotionless times in the United States of America. Anger is running high all across the country. If you have a moment, I urge you to calmly please consider just a few things I have to say. I’m not a Trump supporter, but I have some deep reservations about the “Anti-Trump” movement. First,


Germany Mulls Criminalizing Creation Of Fake News

“Anyone who tries to manipulate the political discussion with lies needs to be aware [of the consequences].”

In this Oct. 10, 2011 file photo, a magnifying glass is posed over a monitor displaying a Facebook page in Munich. (AP Photo, Joerg Koch, File)

As the controversy surrounding “fake news” continues unabated in the US, Germany’s government has now gotten involved battling. On Sunday, Germany’s Justice Minister Heiko Maas – a member of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s coalition – demanded that Facebook respect Germany’s strict anti-defamation laws, adding that free speech does not apply to


Hundreds Gather To ‘Wall Off Trump’ & Police Arrest 18 In Flag-Burning Demonstration At RNC 2016

Although targeted at the GOP and its nominee, Donald Trump, activists also criticized President Barack Obama, writing, ‘When he leaves office he will leave behind to his successor the most sophisticated and well-funded human-expulsion machine in the history of the country.’

CLEVELAND --- In response to a proposed U.S.-Mexico border wall that Donald Trump’s turned into a hallmark of his presidential campaign, activists at the Republican National Convention built a wall of their own on Wednesday. Using a combination of banners and brick wall-patterned costumes, activists surrounded the Quicken Loans Arena for about


Police Arrest Man ‘For His Own Protection’ After He Burned American Flag

Police are claiming they were forced to arrest Mellott and charge him with a felony — to protect him.

Urbana, IL — On the 4th of July, countless Facebook users donned their digital pitchforks and torches and praised the arrest and felony charge against 22-year-old Bryton Mellott. His crime? Posting a picture of himself with a burning american flag. A short time after he posted the photo on Facebook, Mellott was swarmed with online attacks and


Lawyers, Rights Groups Rally Around Author Of “Blood Diamonds,” Facing Jail

If convicted, the author faces up to nine years in prison and damages of 1.2 million dollars on the charge.

Rafael Marques de Morais.

Rafael Marques de Morais. NEW YORK, Mar 31 2015  - The Southern Africa Litigation Centre, Amnesty International and over a dozen other human rights organisations including the African Commission on Human and People’s Rights have signed an open letter demanding justice for crusading Angolan journalist Rafael Marques de Morais, whose exposés




People carry posters during a rally in support of Muslim Americans and protest of President Donald Trump's immigration policies in Times Square, New York, Sunday, Feb. 19, 2017. (AP/Andres Kudacki)

LONDON --- Amid growing concern that radicalism is gaining ground against Western democracies, media, politicians and scholars have increasingly moved to focus their narratives on the notion that Islam is inherently opposed to the Western core values of democracy, freedom of expression, and secularism. “You cannot say that [jihadi terrorism] has