Temporary Employment And The Continuing Permanence Of Poverty

There isn’t a lot of economic wiggle-room for the low-wage American worker.

We’ve just celebrated Labor Day and the focus -- far too little in this writer’s opinion -- is on the state the American worker, and by extension, the state of American families. It’s a very unpopular phrase among the right-leaning populace, but the situation can’t be called anything short of class warfare. When the jobs now being produced in this


Boston Schools Begin Offering Free Breakfast, Lunch To All Students

An experimental program means families no longer have to fill out paperwork proving they can’t afford the meals.

Starting this school year, Boston Public Schools will offer both a free breakfast and free lunch to all students, regardless of their ability to pay. The free meals are part of an experimental federal program the city of Boston is participating in, known as the ‘community eligibility option,’ which eliminates the need for families to fill out


For Millions Of Americans, Bill To Cut Food Stamps Would Come At Worst Possible Time

House Republicans have introduced a bill that would cut $40 billion from the food stamps program.

For one in seven Americans, the federal government’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program represents the one lifeline between them and starvation. In a stark reality that saw real wages fall across the board by 2.8 percent between 2009 and 2012, more people are hungry now than have been in the last five decades. Worse yet, real wages for