Palestinian Haneen Zoabi Discusses Feminism, Gaza and Life in Israel’s Knesset

Palestinian Israeli Knesset member Haneen Zoabi, discusses feminism, the struggle in Gaza and life in the Israeli parliament with Dennis J. Bernstein.

Haeneen Zoabi speaks to the press in Nazareth, northern Israel, June 1, 2010. (AP/Ariel Schalit)

Haneen Zoabi is a member of the Israeli Knesset and the first woman elected to the Israeli Knesset on an Arab party list. She’s an unrelenting advocate for equal citizenship rights for the Palestinian citizens of Israel, and despite repeated attacks of all kinds, she remains unrelenting in her call for an end to Israel’s occupation of Palestinian


Jill Stein: Hillary Clinton’s False Feminism Will ‘Fan The Flames Of The Right-Wing Revolt’

‘It’s a fallacy that Hillary Clinton is the lesser evil here,’ declared the Green Party nominee for president, citing Clinton’s support for war, U.S. imperialism and neoliberalism.

Hillary trump

MINNEAPOLIS --- When feminists go to the polls in November, many may look favorably at Hillary Clinton, in part because of her support of equal pay and promises to increase access to abortion and reproductive health care. But there’s another woman in the race, and she wants voters to go further in supporting not just “women’s rights” but the


False Feminism: Hillary Clinton And Her Financial Backers Are No Friends To Women

Hillary Clinton hopes feminist voters will ignore her support for the oppression of women abroad and make her the first female president of the United States.

Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud Al-Faisal, right, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, center, and Kuwaiti Foreign Minister Sheikh Sabah Khaled al-Hamad Al-Sabah, left, stand together prior to a group photo

WASHINGTON --- In the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton wants to make history as the first female president of the United States. But just as the election of the first black president hasn’t left black people better off eight years later, can the world’s women really count on Clinton’s support? Voters understandably look to Clinton to support


VIDEO: After Condemning Paris Attacks, Saudi Arabia Flogs Blogger For “Insulting Islam”

Even though US-ally Saudi Arabia just condemned the attacks on Charlie Hebdo, it is still quick to enforce its own draconian anti-freedom of speech laws.

US-ally Saudi Arabia flogs liberal activist Raif Badawi in public Friday near a mosque in the Red Sea city of Jeddah, receiving 50 lashes for "insulting Islam," witnesses said. Badawi, 30, was arrested in June 2012 and charged with offenses ranging from cyber crime to disobeying his father and apostasy, or abandoning his faith. He was


Edinburgh’s Feminist Revolution

A steep rise in the number of women comedians at this year’s Fringe Festival reflects changing social mores.


EDINBURGH, UK — If there’s one place where print media is still very much alive and well, it’s here, in August. To walk along the Scottish capital’s cobbled streets is to run a gauntlet of kids with angular haircuts thrusting flyers and free magazines. Every wall seems to be plastered with posters advertising shows at the Fringe, the world’s


#YesAllWomen, Except Sex Workers

Is feminism excluding sex workers?

Following Elliot Rodger’s killing spree in Isla Vista, California, last month, in which the 22-year-old killed six people and injured 13 others as he sought revenge on women for refusing to date him, many women turned to social media networks to share stories of sexual harassment they have encountered, as well as tell tales of unwanted cat-calls