NJ School District Rolls Out Random Drug Testing Of Middle School Children

Some three dozen public school districts in New Jersey had implemented random drug testing for students as of three years ago.

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Random drug-testing of middle-schoolers — with penalties — has become a reality for a school district in New Jersey that already does so with high school students. Though the Lacey Township Board of Education program will be implemented purely on a “voluntary” basis for seventh and eighth graders who participate in athletic programs and


Congresswoman Calls For Drug-Testing The Rich To Qualify For High-Dollar Tax Deductions

‘We might really save some money by drug-testing folks on Wall Street, who might have a little cocaine before they get their deal done.’ — US Rep. Gwen Moore.

U.S. Representative Gwen Moore. (Photo: Milwaukee Teachers' Education Association/flickr/cc)

A Wisconsin congresswoman, "sick and tired, and sick and tired of being sick and tired, of the criminalization of poverty," plans to introduce a bill requiring drug tests for the rich before high-dollar tax deductions are approved. U.S. Rep. Gwen Moore, a Democrat from Milwaukee, told the Guardian in an interview Wednesday that her initiative


Drug Testing Welfare Applicants Costs More Than Twice What It Saves

The seven states with existing programs — Arizona, Kansas, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Utah — are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to ferret out very few drug users.

In an ostensible attempt to combat the increasing welfare state in America, the conservatives moved to begin drug testing applicants to the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF). The program was hailed by the right as the be all end all to those “lazy welfare recipients sitting at home and smoking their drugs all day. ” Advocates of the


High School Begins ‘Random’ Drug Testing Of Students

Normally, the school would be prohibited from these sorts of “random” drug tests, without probable cause. But the administrators found a loophole.

Students at Crivitz High School will face drug tests throughout the new school year. Administrators say that the tests will be carried out at “random” but many suspect that particular students will be targeted, based on their appearances, while others will be left alone. “The last couple years, I’ve noticed here in the high school we’ve started


Forged Drug Test Results May Free Tens of Thousands From Prison

So far, over 300 people have been released from prison as a result of the revelations around the nature and extent of the forged drug tests.

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A recent Supreme Judicial Court ruling is expected to free tens of thousands from prison. Those who are expected to be impacted by Monday’s decision are those whose drug samples were “mishandled” in a way that produced thousands of “forged” results, leading to incarceration. The justices ruled unanimously that in cases where defendants’


Court Won’t Hear Fla. Employee Drug Testing Rule

Since 2011, Rick Scott has been trying to mandate random drug tests for some 85,000 state workers, but the Supreme Court refused to hear his appeal.

In this May 16, 2012 file photo, Florida Gov. Rick Scott speaks in Fort Lauderdale. (AP Photo/J Pat Carter, File)

MIAMI  — The U.S. Supreme Court refused Monday to hear an appeal by Florida Gov. Rick Scott on his 2011 executive order that would have required random drug tests for as many as 85,000 state workers. The ruling lets stand an appeals court decision that Scott's order was too broad. That decision also directed a Miami federal judge to oversee