Lina Hidalgo 的制作:从民主党托儿所到 Omicron 歇斯底里女王

丹·科恩 (Dan Cohen) 调查系列的第一部分表明,尽管她的形象是一个进步的政治局外人,但哈里斯县法官莉娜·伊达尔戈 (Lina Hidalgo) 是最终的局内人,她与亿万富翁合作粉碎工人阶级和穷人,并迎来了一个新的技术官僚主义生物安全状态。

Lina Hidalgo Feature photo

HOUSTON -- On the afternoon of December 20, Harris County, Texas’s top elected official, Judge Lina Hidalgo held a press conference to announce what she claimed was the county’s first death from the Omicron variant of COVID-19. It was a moment in the national spotlight for the 30-year-old Democrat, who, since her teenage years, has been rising




Julian Assange Pen America Feature photo

PRINCETON, NEW JERSEY (Scheerpost) — Nils Melzer, the U.N. Special Rapporteur on Torture, is one of the very few establishment figures to denounce the judicial lynching of Julian Assange. Melzer’s integrity and courage, for which he has been mercilessly attacked, stand in stark contrast to the widespread complicity of many human rights and press



COVID-19 大流行表明,即使是美国最“进步”的民选官员也不愿意做必要的事情来满足人民的需求。

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Members of Congress departed for a seven-week vacation at the same time that the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) national eviction moratorium expired on July 31. The Squad, a subset of members of the House of Representatives who espouse Bernie Sanders’ policy agenda, gathered at the Capitol building to demand that Congress come back to work and




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Princeton, New Jersey (Scheerpost) — Joe Biden and the systems managers of the deep state and empire are returning to power. Trump and his coterie of buffoons, racists, con artists and Christian fascists are sullenly preparing to leave office. U.S. pharmaceutical corporations are starting to disseminate vaccines to mitigate the globe’s worst


播客:克里斯·海奇(Chris Hedges)关于美帝国的崩溃,自由自杀和法西斯主义的崛起

克里斯·海奇斯(Chris Hedges)和铸币局(MintCast)一起讨论了美国帝国的衰落,社会崩溃,军事化的基督教法西斯主义的兴起以及信誉不佳的自由主义者阶级等其他棘手的话题。

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Welcome to MintCast -- an interview series featuring dissenting voices the establishment would rather silence -- with host Mnar Muhawesh Adley. Joe Biden may have won the presidential election, but his victory masks a deeper rot within the American political system, one where both parties have become servants to increasingly powerful


克里斯·海格斯(Chris Hedges):自由阶级的集体自杀


emocratic party and the death of the liberal class

Princeton, New Jersey (Scheerpost) — Liberals who express dismay, or more bizarrely a fevered hope, about the corporatists and imperialists selected to fill the positions in the Biden administration are the court jesters of our political burlesque. They long ago sold their soul and abandoned their most basic principles to line up behind a bankrupt