Saudi Arabia To Behead 14 For Participating In Anti-Government Protests

The condemned includes a young student named Mujtaba al-Suweyket, who was only 17 at the time of his sentencing and was about to study in a U.S. university.

The 'crucifixion' of 5 beheaded bodies in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia, the Gulf kingdom ruled by an absolute monarchy and key United States ally, is planning to behead 14 men for participating in anti-government protests after what Amnesty International called a “grossly unfair mass trial.” “By confirming these sentences Saudi Arabia's authorities have displayed their ruthless commitment to the use of


Botched Execution In Arizona: A Shot In The Arm For Debate On Capital Punishment

The group throwing the biggest wrench into lethal injections is not who you think it is.

John Zemblidge

The debate concerning lethal injections and the death penalty in the United States was rekindled when the Wednesday execution of Joseph Wood in Arizona took an hour and 58 minutes to complete. Under normal circumstances, death by lethal injection takes less than 10 minutes to occur. Wood, who was convicted for the 1989 murders of his former