VIDEO: After Condemning Paris Attacks, Saudi Arabia Flogs Blogger For “Insulting Islam”

Even though US-ally Saudi Arabia just condemned the attacks on Charlie Hebdo, it is still quick to enforce its own draconian anti-freedom of speech laws.

US-ally Saudi Arabia flogs liberal activist Raif Badawi in public Friday near a mosque in the Red Sea city of Jeddah, receiving 50 lashes for "insulting Islam," witnesses said. Badawi, 30, was arrested in June 2012 and charged with offenses ranging from cyber crime to disobeying his father and apostasy, or abandoning his faith. He was


Proposed Bill Extends Reach Of Kansas Spanking Law

A bill proposed by a Kansas lawmaker would allow teachers and caregivers to hit children hard enough to cause redness and bruising. What century is this?

Spanking. Ouch!

Kansas State Rep. Gail Finney, D-Wichita, has proposed a controversial bill that would allow parents, caregivers and school officials to spank children up to 10 times and to the point of leaving marks. Introduced just this month, House Bill 2699 expands the limits of an existing law that allows spanking but not to the point of bruising or