This activist photo provided by the group Palestinians of Syria shows the emaciated body of Awad al-Saidi, who residents said died of hunger and sickness on Jan. 10, 2014 in the Palestinian neighborhood of Yarmouk in Damascus, Syria. Disturbing images of starving children and elderly are emerging from the besieged neighborhood capital Damascus, where forces loyal to President Bashar Assad are forbidding food and aid to enter the rebel-held area. Already, the U.N. estimates more than a dozen people have died of hunger-related illnesses, and some residents are foraging for food in a blockade that reflects a broader government policy of starving out opposition areas in Syria's bitter war.(AP Photo/Palestinians of Syria)

Activists: 63 People Die In Syria Refugee Camp

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says that 61 people have died in the Yarmouk Camp in the past three months.