How Greece Became A Guinea Pig For A Cashless And Controlled Society

As Greece moves closer to becoming a cashless society, it is clear that the country’s attitude towards cash is reckless and dangerous. The supposed convenience of switching to a cash-free system comes with a great deal of risk, including needless overreach by the state.

A man makes a transaction at an automated teller machine (ATM) of a Piraeus Bank branch in Athens, Greece. (AP/Yorgos Karahalis)

ATHENS (Analysis)-- Day by day, we’re moving towards a brave new world where every transaction is tracked, every purchase is recorded, the habits and preferences of everyone noted and analyzed. What I am describing is the “cashless society,” where plastic and electronic money are king, while banknotes and coins are abolished. “Progress” is,


‘Silk Road Shared Responsibility’: Documentarian Questions Search, Seizure In Digital Age

Federal prosecutors are seeking a sentence “substantially above” the 20-year mandatory minimum that United States District Judge Katherine Forrest is looking to impose on Ulbricht, 31, who admitted to creating Silk Road, but denied any wrongdoing.

The homepage to Silk Road 2.0 was it was seized

RT reports: The accused creator of the Silk Road online drug bazaar, which enabled over $200 million in anonymous online sales, is to be sentenced on Friday. The director of a documentary about Ross Ulbricht told RT why his case "impacts the average citizen." Federal prosecutors are seeking a sentence "substantially above" the 20-year


Former FDA Staffer Claims Prescription Drug ‘Black Market’ Going Unreported

The rise of prescription pill abuse in the U.S. is being well documented but it’s what is not in the Center for Disease Control’s reports that is most alarming to a former FDA staffer.

When the Center for Disease Control issued a press release this past March regarding prescription drug abuse rates in the United States, James Harris, Ph.D., a former Food and Drug Administration staffer and trained toxicologist, couldn’t help but notice there were some crucial flaws in the federal agencies explanation of the health crisis --


Arrest Of Alleged Silk Road Ringleader Threatens Circulation Of Bitcoins

Was the FBI’s real target not the online drug marketplace, but the cyber-currency that it dealt in?

It was a libertarian’s dream gone wild: a marketplace in which just about anything can be bought, by anyone, at any time without the worries of being overseen by the authorities. It was a secret corner in the deepest recesses of the Internet, inaccessible by conventional means, considered an unsubstantiated rumor prior to Gawker breaking the story


Is New Jersey’s Medical Marijuana Program A ‘Scam’?

Only 127 of some 1,000 patients who have applied for medical marijuana have been able to receive it.

After a New Jersey newspaper ran a story about a cancer patient living in the Garden State who was forced to buy marijuana from the black market despite qualifying for the state’s medical marijuana program, the paper’s editorial department blasted New Jersey’s medical marijuana program calling it a “scam.” Suzette Roberts, 64, suffers from stage 4


Black-Market Plastic Surgery: Killing And Disfiguring Women In The US

Many women in the U.S. are increasingly turning to the black market to alter their appearance.

Seeking fuller lips, a larger derriere and bigger breasts, but unable to afford expensive plastic surgery procedures, many women in the U.S. are increasingly turning to the black market to alter their appearance. With the use of tools such as industrial silicone, which is only available at home improvement stores, many women in several states have