Saudi Arabia Reduces Poet’s Sentence From Beheading To 800 Lashes

The Saudi ‘justice’ system continues to execute individuals at an alarming rate, earning a designation from Amnesty International as one of “the most prolific executioners in the world.”

Ashraf Fayadh

A Palestinian poet in Saudi Arabia who was sentenced to death for writing poems and allegedly renouncing Islam has had his punishment reduced. The more lenient sentence, however, amounts to what many still consider cruel and unusual punishment for exercising non-violent speech; the writer now faces eight years in prison and 800 lashes over 16


Saudi Arabia Beheads Nearly Twice As Many People As ISIS So Far This Year

Saudi Arabia recently killed three convicted robbers and a murderer, while ISIS executed an elderly archaeologist for idolatry last week.

Saudi military personnel hone their beheading skills with wooden swords.

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia --- In January, a Muslim woman from Myanmar screamed “I did not kill” and pled with her attackers for mercy, but they showed none. In the center of an intersection, she was publicly beheaded in front of spectators, her death caught covertly on video. It’s the kind of horrifying tableau that has become almost commonplace in


Number Of Saudi Arabian Executions, Beheading Soar In 2015

“The current surge in executions in Saudi Arabia is yet another stain on the kingdom’s human rights record,” …“Saudi Arabia needs to call a halt to this cruel punishment.”

A beheading in Saudi Arabia. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia– Saudi authorities have already carried out 90 executions since the beginning of 2015, more than the 88 for all of 2014. Forty-one of the ninety people executed since the start of 2015 were sentenced for non-violent drug offenses. “Any execution is appalling, but executions for crimes such


Saudi Arabia Breaks Record For Number Of Beheadings In Only 5 Months

Saudi Arabia’s state-ordered death count by beheading now sits at 88 for 2015. Even scarier, it only took five months to surpass the 12-month record set only last year.

A beheading in Saudi Arabia.

A beheading in Saudi Arabia. (ANTIMEDIA) Last year, Saudi Arabia broke its own record for executions in the modern era by beheading 87 people. As horrific as that statistic is, the American ally is currently on track to more than double that number in 2015. In fact, 2014’s number of beheadings in Saudi Arabia has now been surpassed with


Two Men Shot In London After Suspected ‘Terrorist’ Machete Attack

The perpetrators are also believed to have filmed their attack, while asking onlookers if they wanted to take their picture.

One man was killed and two other men shot on a street in Woolwich, South London Wednesday, after a brutal knife attack. Armed police were summoned to the scene after reports that two men had attacked another man with knives, and then left his bloodied corpse in the road, according to the Daily Mail.  The UK government is reportedly treating