Endangered Wild Cats Harmfully Bred In Zoos For Profit, Not Protection

Inbreeding practices of rare white tigers and white lions have led to birth defects and abnormalities, but is their popularity in zoos more important than their conservation?

white tigers

Although the wild cats on display in zoos seem to be the kings and queens of their exhibits, the reality of their lives in captivity is far from royal. Illegal poaching, trophy hunting, retaliative persecution and habitat loss subjects wildlife species to extinction or captivity, and has brought populations of wild cats in the world to staggering


Farm Bill Takes Aim At State Animal Welfare Laws

Iowa Rep. Steve King blames ‘vegan lobby’ in fight over Farm Bill’s ban on production standards for interstate agricultural goods.

WASHINGTON (AP) —The future of state laws that regulate everything from the size of a hen's cage to the safe consumption of Gulf oysters may be at stake as farm bill negotiators work to resolve a long-simmering fight between agriculture and animal welfare interests. The House Agriculture Committee added language to its version of the farm bill