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Bibi copyright Feature photo

From its very onset, Israel has constructed a brand for itself, a powerful gimmick that was predicated on two main pillars: democracy and stability. The main target audience for this brand has been powerful Western states that wielded disproportionate political, economic and military powers. These Western governments, along with their



Hedges Libya Feature photo

Washington DC — (Scheerpost) — “We came, we saw, he died,” Hillary Clinton famously quipped when Muammar Gaddafi, after seven months of U.S. and NATO bombing, was overthrown in 2011 and killed by a mob who sodomized him with a bayonet. But Gaddafi would not be the only one to die.  Libya, once the most prosperous and one of the most stable


当时在以色列军队服役的米科·佩莱德(Miko Peled)审视了导致臭名昭著的萨布拉和沙蒂拉大屠杀的事件,并质疑为什么世界对即将发生的悲剧的迹象视而不见。

Sabra and Shatila

The Sabra and Shatila massacre was no accident. Nor should it have come as a surprise to anyone. It had to have been well planned in advance and demanded a great deal of cooperation between the forces involved. The logistics had to have been worked out first. Closure of the camps, providing supplies and ammunition for the murderers, plans where



Africa Coups Feature photo

What if the "epidemic of coups" in West and Central Africa is not that at all but a direct outcome of outright revolutionary movements, similar to the anti-colonial movements that liberated most African nations from the yoke of Western colonialism throughout the 20th century? Whether this is the case or not, we are unlikely to find out anytime



Israel's Puzzling Trio: Ben Gvir, Pardo, and Abu-Mazen—Agents or Accomplices? Feature photo

Itamar Ben Gvir, Israel's minister of national security, made headlines worldwide and on every social media platform when he stated in an interview on Israeli television that his rights come before the rights of Palestinians. Tamir Pardo, former head of Israel's notorious intelligence agency, the Mossad, made the headlines when he said that the

西摩·赫什 (Seymour Hersh) 发布泄露的备忘录,破坏美国关于 2013 年叙利亚沙林毒气袭击的说法

2013 年 6 月 20 日泄露的五角大楼/国防情报局对叙利亚基地组织(即努斯拉阵线)化学战能力的评估。

Syria Chem Tweet Feature photo

Read the leaked Pentagon/DIA assessment of the chemical warfare capability of Al Qaeda in Syria, known as al-Nusra, from June 20, 2013, made public by Seymour Hersh in September 2023. The bombshell was pointed out in a tweet by investigative journalist Aaron Mate. When US accused Syria of the August 2013 sarin attack in Ghouta, it