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MintPress 创始人姆纳尔·阿德利 (Mnar Adley) 认为,加拿大在议会中庆祝乌克兰纳粹延续了其二战后接待纳粹并武装乌克兰与纳粹有关的法西斯分子的历史遗产。

Canada Nazis Feature photo

The Canadian parliament made headlines around the world after it gave a standing ovation to a 98-year-old Ukrainian-Canadian Nazi soldier. Yaroslav Hunka, a volunteer member of the Nazi battalion Waffen-SS Galicia Division – a unit infamous for its role in massacring civilians during World War Two – was also afforded a private meeting with Canadian



CIA torture Feature photo

Washington DC — (Scheerpost) — When I joined the CIA in January 1990, I did it to serve my country and to see the world.  I believed at the time that we were the “good guys.”  I believed that the United States was a force for good around the world.  I wanted to put my degrees—in Middle Eastern Studies/Islamic Theology and Legislative Affairs/Policy



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Jericho does not belong to the Palestinians alone. It belongs to the whole of humanity. For Israel, however, the recognition by UNESCO of Jericho as a “World Heritage Site in Palestine” complicates its mission of erasing Palestine, physically and figuratively, from existence. Israel’s foreign ministry described the decision as a “cynical”


鉴于叙利亚重新爆发抗议活动,基特·克拉伦伯格检查了中央危机管理小组的文件。这些文件被主流媒体称为“阿萨德档案”,揭示了西方列强对叙利亚 2011 年“革命”的复杂策划和管理。

Files Expose Syrian revolution as Western Regime Change Operation Feature photo

Throughout August and September, anti-government protests have rocked Syrian cities. While the crowds are typically small, numbering only a few hundred, they show little sign of abating. Demonstrators are motivated by increasingly unlivable economic conditions spurred by crippling U.S.-led international sanctions against Damascus. These have

举报人克雷格·穆雷 (Craig Murray) 加入 MintPress 谈论北约扩张、金砖国家、阿桑奇等

克雷格·默里 (Craig Murray) 加入 MintPress,谈论北约、金砖国家、支持战争的主流媒体、阿桑奇、美国永远的战争等等。

On Ukraine, it is extremely difficult to get any airing for anti-war opinions. On the mainstream media, it is simply impossible to get a hearing,” Craig Murray said. The human rights campaigner and former diplomat sat with “MintPress News” to discuss forever wars, whistleblowing and a future conflict with China. “There’s a universal media



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America is addicted to war. But its citizens rarely see the brutal realities of the U.S. military industrial complex up close. That is because our pliant media hides the carnage from the public, refusing to report on the victims of the war machine, and uses euphemisms like “surgical strikes” and “enhanced interrogation techniques” to mask the