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“特朗普政府发动了一场全面运动来破坏哥伦比亚的和平协议。我们决不能浪费时间,希望拜登政府可以扭转局面,我们必须要求这样做。”詹姆斯·乔丹(James Jordan),全球正义联盟

It is the festive season in Colombia, but not everyone is celebrating. Sunday brought news of the ninetieth massacre of the year. Five people were found dead in Bolívar Department in the north of the country, among them former leftist guerilla Rosa Amalia Mendoza and her infant child. Meanwhile, just hours earlier in the southwestern department of



Former U.S. Treasury Secretary, Chief Economist of the World Bank, Director of the National Economic Council, and President of Harvard University, Lawrence Summers has warned against any implementation of a $2,000 COVID relief check. Writing in business publication Bloomberg, the 66-year-old economist insisted that the proposal, which has drawn



Even before President-elect Joe Biden sets foot in the White House, the Senate Intelligence Committee may start hearings on his nomination of Avril Haines as Director of National Intelligence. Barack Obama’s top lawyer on the National Security Council from 2010 to 2013 followed by CIA Deputy Director from 2013 to 2015, Haines is the proverbial



American law enforcement officers have killed well over 1,000 people in 2020. Between January 1 and December 15 of this year, the Mapping Police Violence project has recorded 1,066 people nationwide killed at the hands of the police, an average of around three killings per day. Despite the fact that 2020 has brought with it a pandemic forcing



Amid increasing hostility towards Tehran, the United States is building up its military presence on Iran’s borders. In the past three weeks alone, the U.S. has flown in a squadron of fighter jets and extra B-52 bombers while deploying the U.S.S. Nimitz aircraft carrier (with its strike group) and a large submarine to the Persian Gulf. This comes on


自从喜剧演员吉米·多尔(Jimmy Dore)呼吁进步的国会议员迫使南希·佩洛西(Nancy Pelosi)对全民医疗保险(Medicare For All)进行投票后,一系列媒体人士对多尔(Dore)发起了恶性攻击,同时偏离了他的压倒性论点。头条新闻背后的守望者Dan Cohen揭露了民主党和北约的伪左派牧羊犬。

Over the past week comedian Jimmy Dore has single-handedly exposed a collection of self-styled leaders of progressive media as imperialist hacks joined at the hip with the Democratic Party and NATO. It all started when Dore, a self-described jagoff pothead comedian – called for progressive members of Congress to withhold their votes for Nancy