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March For Our Lives: A New Generation Sets Aside Tribalism for a Progressive Cause

The dynamism and interracial character of last week’s March For Our Lives rallies provides further evidence that American workers have a chance of challenging the wealthy for a bigger piece of the pie only when they put their tribal differences aside to fight together.

Emma Gonzalez, a survivor of the school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, along with students and speakers at the March For Our Lives rally in Washington on March 24, 2018. (EPA/Shawn Thew)

WASHINGTON -- Google the name “Tallulah Bankhead” and you will be regaled (or mortified if your mores tend to the Victorian) with tales of the actor’s libertine appetites, her breakout performance in the Hitchcock classic Lifeboat, or her half-camp, half-vamp villainess in the 1960s Batman television series. Wikipedia references her patrician mien

In US Tour, Saudi Crown Prince Meets and Greets the Heavies of the Zionist Lobby

In an apparent bid to prove his reliability as an ally and his willingness to tackle the tough issues requiring “modernization,” bin Salman met with a veritable who’s-who of the hard-right pro-Israeli Jewish community.

Mohammad bin Salamn meets with Jared Kushner on March 20, 2018 to discuss the Israel, Palestine conflict. Photo | Saudi Press Agency

NEW YORK -- Saudi Arabia’s king-in-waiting, Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman or “MBS,” has long been suspected of pushing to forge a historic alliance between the Gulf Arab monarchy and apartheid Israel as a part of his reform agenda. However, a recently-leaked itinerary of his tour in the United States has revealed the extent to which the Saudi

Bad Track Record Gets Worse as New Whistleblower Outed by The Intercept

“I am appalled that yet another whistleblower in touch with The Intercept has been outed and arrested. … [P]erhaps The Intercept should walk away from national security reporting before its lack of journalistic professionalism ruins any more lives.” — CIA whistleblower John Kiriakou

A screenshot of the feature photo from the Intercept story which eventually led to former Minneapolis-based FBI agent Terry James Albury's arrest.

MINNEAPOLIS – On Wednesday, Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) reported that former Minneapolis-based FBI agent Terry James Albury had been charged with leaking classified government information to the online publication The Intercept. Albury’s legal defense, led by Jane Anne Murray and Joshua Dratel, identified him as a whistleblower, stating that his

How the Islamophobia Industry Silences Voices of Dissent

The fight against Islamophobia, just as the fight against anti-Semitism, or any other form of prejudicial hate, begins by raising awareness of the many faces of those who make profits through fear and bigotry.

Unidentified members of the extreme far right group the English Defense League as a English flag is blown over his face, during a protest outside the Houses of Parliament in London, Oct. 27, 2012. (AP/Matt Dunham)

How can a conflict started nearly two decades ago still be so central in the public discourse and so relevant for societal dialogue? How can important achievements of foreign policy fail to change the way societies look at certain issues? And why do we struggle so much to look at terrorist attacks as isolated crimes, but find it so easy to ascribe

9 Dead as Israel Responds to ‘March of Great Return’ Protest With Gunfire

“Dozens of signs have been set up across the border in Arabic, Hebrew, and English, saying ‘We are not here to fight; we are here to return to our lands.'”

Palestinians attend a demonstration near the Gaza Strip border with Israel in eastern Gaza City, Friday, March 30, 2018. (AP/ Khalil Hamra)

With worries that numbers will continue to rise, Israeli forces reportedly killed at least nine Palestinians and injured hundreds more as an estimated 20,000 gathered along the Gaza-Israel border for the launch of the six-week "March of Great Return" on Friday. The beginning of the march

Hopeless in Gaza? A Talk With Controversial Scholar Norman Finkelstein

Finkelstein argues that although Israel justified its blockade and violent assaults in the name of self-defense, in fact these actions were cynical exercises of brutal power against an essentially defenseless civilian population

Norman Finkelstein’s Gaza: An Inquest into Its Martyrdom

LOS ANGELES — “The nadir of the Palestinian struggle is now,” says distinguished but controversial scholar Norman G. Finkelstein. He spoke on March 26 at the University of Southern California Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism. “Nothing is happening there in Palestine. There is no mass resistance.” That explains why worldwide the