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Mexico ‘Furious’ About Trump Visit

Mexicans are baffled that President Enrique Peña Nieto is meeting with U.S. presidential candidate who referred to Mexican immigrants as ‘criminals and rapists’

A man dresses a donkey to resemble Donald Trump in preparation for the costume competition at the annual donkey festival in Otumba, Mexico state, Mexico

When news broke late Tuesday that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump had accepted Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto's invitation to meet in Mexico City on Wednesday, the reaction in Mexico was swift and "furious," according to New York Timesreporter Elisabeth Malkin. Trump, who has called Mexican immigrants "criminals and rapists"

Steroids May Be Behind The Aggressive Behavior Of US Police

Side-effects associated with police steroid use and abuse have become a dangerous element in the ongoing debate regarding overly violent behavior and the militarized law-enforcement culture of the United States.

A police officer throws an object at protestors, Monday, April 27, 2015, following the funeral of Freddie Gray in Baltimore. Gray died from spinal injuries about a week after he was arrested and transported in a Baltimore Police Department van.

In 2004, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) listed the many side-effects of steroid use, including mood swings, impaired judgment, depression, increased aggression, extreme irritability, hostility, and delusional behavior. Endemic steroid abuse could go a long way to explaining the aggressive and violent behavior used by American police,



Donald Trump and Melania Trump with Hillary Rodham Clinton and Bill Clinton at Trump's wedding.

Before Donald Trump was a Republican, He was a staunch Hillary supporter, a liberal who made a habit of donation money to liberal politicians. According to reports, the Donald donated $100,000 to the Clinton Foundation. As Chris Sanchez with Business Insider reports: Despite his recent criticism of the Clinton Foundation, Donald Trump

Afghan Opium Production 40 Times Higher Since US-NATO Invasion

About 90 percent of the world’s illegal opium is estimated to come from Afghanistan.

作者 teleSUR
U.S. Marines assigned to the female engagement team (FET) of I Marine Expeditionary Force (Forward) conduct a patrol alongside a poppy field while visiting Afghan settlements in Boldak, Afghanistan, April 5, 2010. (DoD photo by Cpl. Lindsay L. Sayres, U.S. Marine Corps/Released)

Since the U.S.-led NATO invasion of Afghanistan in 2001, the production of opium in the country has increased by 40 times according to Russia’s Federal Drug Control Service, fueling organized crime and widespread death. The head of the FSKN, Viktor Ivanov, explained the staggering trend at a March U.N. conference on drugs in Afghanistan. Opium

State Dept. Offers $3Mln Reward For ISIS Leader Trained By American Military Contracter

The US State Department has offered a $3 million reward for any information leading to the arrest of Gulmurod Khalimov, a former Tajik police commander who is currently one of the main leaders of the Daesh terrorist group. While the press release labels him as a terrorist, it fails to mention that it was the US who actually trained him.

US Trained ISIS leader Gulmurod Khalimov.

“The US Department of State’s Rewards for Justice Program is offering a reward of up to $3 million for information leading to the location, arrest, and/or conviction of Gulmurod Khalimov (variant Halimov), a key leader of the terrorist group ISIL, also known in Arabic as Da’esh,” says the press release posted on the department’s website

Israel Retroactively Legalizes ‘Pirate Outposts’ In Palestine

It is rare for illegal outposts to be evacuated and even when they do, the government tends to offer massive reparations for those moved from the land they didn’t own in the first place.

In this Wednesday, May 18, 2016 photo, Jewish settler boys play with toy guns in Amona, an illegal Israeli settlement in the West Bank, Palestine near the town of Ramallah. It is the largest of about 100 settlements in the West Bank which were built without permission but generally tolerated by the Israeli government.

Nothing happens quickly in the occupied West Bank. Israel has an ever-growing network of settlements across the occupied territory, and a far-right coalition government heavily dependent on settlers’ political support, and full of political figures calling for settlement expansions to spite the Palestinians. So when self-proclaimed “outpost