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PLO: Netanyahu’s UN Speech A “Blatant Manipulation Of Facts”

“Obviously Netanyahu has lost touch with reality, particularly in refusing to acknowledge the fact of the occupation itself or the actions of the Israeli army of occupation in committing massacres and war crimes,” she added.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attends the weekly cabinet meeting at his office in Jerusalem. Whistleblower Edward Snowden leaked documents from 2008 and 2009 showing that UK spied on Israeli and Palestinian officials. (Photo: Abir Sultan/AP)

Reports: The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu blatantly manipulated the facts when he compared Hamas with the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) group in a UN speech on Monday. "Netanyahu's speech at the UN was a blatant manipulation of facts and attempted at misleading the audience

LAPD Cops Are Disabling Their Own Recorders. Not Just a Few Cops Either, Half Of Them!

The Los Angeles Police Commission is investigating how half of the recording antennas in the Southeast Division went missing, seemingly as a way to evade new self-monitoring procedures that the Los Angeles Police Department imposed last year.

Reports: What good are lapel cams and microphones if the cops are disabling them? Why aren’t they being fired for this? “No one likes to be monitored,” says Sid Heal, recently retired commander who evaluated technology during his decades-long tenure at the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. And? If you do not want to be filmed and

VIDEO: Louisiana Rape Victims Being Billed For Hospital Visits Following Their Assault

In Louisiana, victims of sex crimes often are billed for forensic medical exams and related care even though state and federal guidelines require many of these services be provided at no cost to the victim.

Teacher Rape Case

Ferguson Officials Demand Exorbitant Fees For Micheal Brown Files

The move to charge high fees discourages journalists and civil rights groups from investigating the shooting and its aftermath.

WASHINGTON — Officials in Ferguson, Missouri, are charging nearly 10 times the cost of some of their own employees' salaries before they will agree to turn over files under public records laws about the fatal shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown. Missouri's attorney general on Monday, after the AP first disclosed the practice, contacted

ISIS And The Middle East’s Long Con

Two weeks have passed since the United States initiated […]

ISIS fighters parade in a commandeered American Humvee taken from Iraqi security forces down a main road at the northern city of Mosul, Iraq (AP Photo)

Two weeks have passed since the United States initiated a war against the group known as the Islamic State and, like clockwork, the obvious has occurred. First, the Islamic State’s advance has been more or less checked where most experts thought it would be: along Iraq’s intra-communal no-mans-land where the country’s Sunni, Kurdish and Shiite

VIDEO: A ‘Spoon-Fed’ Terror Threat: The Truth About Khorasan

“Once it served its purpose of justifying the start of the bombing campaign in Syria, the Khorasan narrative simply evaporated as quickly as it materialized,” Intercept writers reveal.


In an effort to win support for its bombing campaign against Syria, the Obama Administration concocted a new terror threat—the so-called 'Khorasan Group'—and got the mainstream media to run with the story, according to reporting by Glenn Greenwald and Murtaza Hussain, published at The Intercept over the weekend. "After spending weeks